Senior Studio 2: WOMPANOAG

As always compression from online video hosting has destroyed the effects of the neural network in the video, but this is more-or-less the final version of the thesis film I have been working on this whole semester. And there are two main goals that this film is meant to get across.
The first, and most important, being that this film was made to show that a neural network can be used to make any and all art. There is almost no instances online of neural networks being used to make anything longer than a GIF. So WOMPANOAG was made with this in mind and the neural network is the main driving force behind the visuals of the film.
The second major goal was to create a representation of a specifically impactful and “bad” LSD trip of a close friend. The distortions created by the neural network resemble the visual distortions seen by this person. The audio becomes more rhythmic as the film progresses becoming more of a score for the film than just the sounds being made by the environment and actor.

I would also go out and say that there is a third goal for this piece and this is something I try to get across with all of my major personal projects; a reaction from the audience. Even if the reactions had are not ones that I had intended the fact that there is reaction and response, whether it be positive, negative, or even neutral, is what is important to me when making art. The feelings and conversations that are brought on by my work are the main driving factors behind me.

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