Senior Studio 2: Wompanoag Update 3 (Calendar)

March 3:

  • First Check in
  • Rough draft edit of dream/trip sequence
  • Base rough edit render
  • Update calendar based on responses

March 10:

  • Finalize and cut down dream/trip sequence edit
  • Start rendering dream/trip
  • Acquire needed props
  • Re-shoot main sequence

March 19:

  • Find positions and apply render transitions
  • Finish editing main sequence
  • Start rendering main sequence transition into dream/trip
  • Finish Audio recording

March 27:

  • Check renders
  • Have dream/trip sequenced finished
  • Continue editing the rendered sequences

April 1:

  • Sequences are all edited together
  • Audio is added
  • Film is essentially finalized

April 17:

  • Touch ups and edits
  • Film is finalized

May 1:

  • Advertisement is done
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