Senior Studio 2: Wompanoag Progress Update 4

There is a pretty major change to the overall idea of this film. Instead of the original dream/tripping sequence being played from the record, where it displayed altered/filtered video sequences that were of similarly structured in the frame with similar camera movements, the video sequences shown in this half will now be of an instance of a separate, but specific, experience of a drug altered trip. This experience is from the same person as the original idea and was explained in what could be remembered and felt during the trip. The video below is a rough, filterless, edit of this new experience for the dream/trip sequence. It’s representative of what the person described their environment to feel like in the moment of the trip. The change was also made because the program used for distortion was not producing the desired effects with 2 very similar images composited together, so this change will also assist the distortions.

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