Survey of Animation: Yuri Norstein Inspired Animation

The heart/soul of a forest is that it a home to others. This is what I thought when I was thinking if the “narrative” for this piece.
They way I chose to adapt Yuri Norstein’s style of animation was to go for high contrast with a rough texture on my cut outs. I used a variety of inks and markers to make the detail in each of the assets in this short animation. I started by drawing them out in pencil inking them with a smaller pen and then going back with a wider marker to create more contrast. I feel that the finest section of animation in this is the squirrel running across the ground in the forest.
Now, there is an obvious question that will more than likely come up when viewing this short, and that is “why is the quality of the video so bad”? The answer is simply that it was a design choice to better reflect the filmed work of Yuri Norstein. I had spent so much time viewing his videos that the quality of the films that were recorded became part of the design to me. You can see in the previous post that the images are quite clean, but I decided against this in favor of the low quality and older feeling that this version gives off.

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