Production 2: Gallery Write Up

The gallery I went to was for an artist named Joshua Hershman. He has created unique visuals from cast glass sculptures of mostly spherical and/or concave objects with light casting from above to give his sculptures a hard lighting effect around them, sometimes similar to solar eclipses. He stated that his goal for these pieces was to have the viewer themselves give their own interpretation on what each sculpture does or could possibly represent to the world and themselves.

Overall it was quite an interesting idea having a collection of works that have the audience give their own personal insight on how they interoperate it it within the given setting. Normally it seems as if the artist would create their art in ways in that they are supposed to represent one specific thing or idea. But Hershman made his art with the viewer’s personal interpretation in mind.

So on that note I would like to state that I throughly enjoyed the specific placements of the lights of the sculptures. While at first they just seemed to be the source of light for the piece they were actually arranged in a way in which they not only actively interacted with the sculptures with the light they produced but were actually a part of the sculptures themselves.

This really got me to thinking on how I could more effectively use and sculpt the light in not just my film pieces but in all my video based work, and even in my drawing. the way that light interacts with a form and what the form and light can do to each other is something that I normally would overlook or attempt to do without fully thinking it through.

I really feel that this gallery was overall a strong experience leaving more towards the stimulation of the audience’s imagination than just telling them what to feel or think.

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