Production 2: Poem Adaptation (No sound, missing full footage)

For this I chose to represent a poem with a short film piece. The poem is entitled “A Bird and a Bell and I” and is an important piece of writing for my wife, which is the reason I chose it. It a sweet little poem that explains that even though you may not be able to do something as well as someone else you do things well that only you can do, that these differences are what make us who we are, and that having these differences is a good thing that should help bring us together. I’ve put the poem below this first edit of some of shots I did. There is no sound as of yet though.

“A Bird and a Bell and I”

Even if I spread my arms
I cannot fly in the sky at all.
But the Bird that can fly
Cannot run as fast as I

Even if I shake my body
I cannot produce pretty sounds,
But the Bell that can ring
Does not know as many songs as I.

The Bird, the Bell, and I…
All are different and All are good.

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