Production 2: Surreal Film

I feel that this is the first film I’ve done that I was actually able to take a big interest in. The premise behind this short film is my close friend’s struggle with their own personal identity, something that has been common in culture for many years, but not something I’ve seen firsthand in my life until recently. The actor in the short is the very same friend with the problem. I really tried to go for a sort of crappy 90s AV type studio to really get the viewer into the character’s mind-space as these are things I know that they had interacted with or been influenced by as they grew up. I also used a 4:3 aspect ratio and a lower quality camcorder to also add to the feeling of this space. However, I’m not entirely with some of my sound choices and I feel that there could have been a way that I could have made the “male” segments more subtile. But I am overall happy with this film.

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