Production 1 Frame Exercise: Peer Critique Natalie Phillips

The first image is “Balanced with Weight Gaze”:


I would say that this was balanced with the subject’s gaze if it weren’t for the background. The building opposite of the subject is the primary thing that balances that side of the image. It feels more like the line of the hills in the far background are what’s pulling my eyes to that side instead of the subject’s gaze.

Second is “Long Shot with Headroom”:


While this is very well composed it is not an actual long shot. A long shot shows the entire subject’s body. It a very nice overall balance done with the high contrast between the subject’s head and the dark area in the foliage behind them. Not to mention the simple framing from the branches around the whole image is a nice touch as well.

Third is “Closeup with Headroom”:


This is a excellent shot/example of a closeup. The background helps balance itself, and allows for the closeup to feel uninterrupted. The only thing that would make this image better to me is if the subject was slightly closer to the top of the frame. This is only because I feel it would help fill up the image with more warmer colours from the subject and connect the light that is coming through the trees with the rest of the image/subject.

The fourth image is “Asymmetrical Balance”:


This photo is definitely asymmetrically balanced. While the grey head does give the image a spot of weight it is totally outweighed by the combination of the white head, green background, and the wood of the table. The image itself feels a lot like a balancing scale between the two heads, and this definitely helps attributeĀ to the asymmetry.

The final image is “Symmetrical Balance”:


Similarly with the last image there is a feeling of a balancing scale between the two bowls; however, this time the balance is even and has a very symmetrical feeling. The background definitely help with this too. It looks as if the colours are pouring into or out of the bowls keeping them at the same visual weight level.

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