Log Line “Skeleton and Dog”

A man walks to a dog park with his small dog actively bounces around in excitement around his feet. He picks up a stick within his proximity and begins a game of fetch with his dog. Overjoyed the dog happily brings the stick back after being thrown a few times. On the next toss the man accidentally throughs the stick too hard in all the excitement. The stick is propelled over the walls of the dog park. The dog looks up towards the man in confusion as there is no way for it to get the stick. The dog’s expression then changes to that of excitement again as the man motions another throw. The dog runs off and come back with a bone. The camera pans from the man’s feet up to a bust shot showing that he is actually a skeleton. he had just thrown a part of his own body so that his friend could still have a joyful day at the dog park. Also because dogs like bones. Get it? It’s a joke.

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