Interactive Gallery Chart

The idea is that there is a large television around 44-48” mounted against the wall. Mounted on the same television is a camera that records for 20 seconds when prompt by the press of a button in the shape of a mat on the ground. This is not the only matt however; there is a minimum of three other mats with it. These other mats affect the video that was recorded in a way. One mat plays and stops the playback of the recording that loops when played. Another could use a random number to change the saturation value of the playback, and the next could change the hue with the same method. Other mats could be incorporated to change values of the playback. The buttons will take the input of either one or zero/on or off, transfer that to the Arduino board and then to the program on the computer, which will then be displayed on the television.

The program for this could be created in Max/MSP/Jitter. The items needed would include the aforementioned television and camera, as well as a computer to house the running program, appropriate connection cables and dongles to connect the computer to the television, on/off buttons worked into s many floor mats as needed, and the appropriate amount of Arduino boards and wires to create the connections to the program.

The prices of the equipment might vary. The television of stated size will run upwards of 400 USD, unless one can be provided for it since there are always televisions of appropriate size are in use for other installations. The buttons would be more cost efficient if made from foil and foam, which could be set for a budget of at least 20 USD. Wires, clamps, and breadboards if needed can be budgeted to around 50-60 USD. I feel that only one Arduino board will be needed to transfer the buttons into keystrokes they run an average of 15-25 USD. Depending on which computer is used to house the program the dongles and cords can be budgeted to roughly 40-55 USD, more than likely less than that amount will be needed.

This installation requires little gallery space overall and will probably allow for other expansions of this installation and/or other installations all together to fit within the gallery. The relatively small size of this installation will allow for easy transport and ascetic refinement.

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