Advanced Modeling and Lighting: Assignment 2

Before Photoshop:

After Photoshop:

2nd Photoshop Attempt:

As an addition to the project before, where I was to model and light an orange, I was to add two more fruit and a bowl to hold them. The two fruit I chose were a pear and an avocado, as I felt they would be relatively easy to model, texture, and light. However, I found that it was harder than I thought it would be. While I tried my best the end result is very undesirable. I could never really get the bowl to light properly, if I added anymore intensity to the light or another light to the scene the fruits would be way too bright and the bowl would still look the same; extremely dark. I had a different set of problems with the pear. Most of them being that I was having difficulty making the pear’s texture not as bumpy or bumpy at all. As per the requirements, I have created a photoshop document of my rendered scene in an attempt to try an fix some of the problems; however, in attempt to make it better some things were made worse. I plan to model more fruits between projects to learn from this and better my current relatively mediocre modeling, texturing, and lighting skills. I’ll start by fixing the pear.

EDIT: I added a new Photoshopped version. While it does help some of the problems there are some I will only be able to fix within the modeling and texturing itself, but I feel that this third image is by over all my strongest presentation of this assignment.

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