Advanced Modeling and Texturing: Assignment 1


This one is the finalized version of my orange. Of course it’s nothing like I wanted because if I moved the depth of the bump map by about .5 in any direction it would be too much of a change; however, any amount less than that would make no visible change on the texture itself. So I played it safe and put it in this middle point. The actual texture itself is tons better; more orange like. Of course if I had known how to get to the UV mapping I feel I could have scaled it down a bunch, but I ran out of time to do that. I still don’t understand the scattering of light to much. Maybe I was setting it to the wrong light? or not at all? I wanted to add some green diffusion/scattering (whatever it is) around the top side where the light hits, but I couldn’t really get it. I can always come back and fix it though.

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