Production 1: Listening Exercise


For this piece I went and sat by the creek between the main street of Alfred and Alfred University and closed my eyes for about 7 minutes. The blue wash represents the water flowing and rippling in the creek. The grey wash depicts the overall atmospheric sound I was feeling, kind of like white noise. The bits of red are the metallic sounding things I was hearing, such as the clinking of glass from a installation next to me and the sound of a wind chime I heard in the distance. The blotches of black are sounds that were loud and immediate. They represented the slamming of car doors in the nearby street. The yellow is the sound of a single bird that was perched in a tree nearby, singing. The lines of colorlessness represent the sound of the wind as it passed through the leaves of the trees around me. The strokes of light blue tell the sound of the water falling from over the rocks in the creek. The overall experience was pleasant but putting it on “paper” was more difficult that I thought, even while trying to do it as it happened.

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