Film and Music

Today around 1pm Dr. Peter Rothbart, a professor of Music History, Theory and Composition, and the Director of Electroacustic Music Studios, took time out of his day to provide a presentation on how music can help add specific new elements to a film it didn’t have on its own.

He showed us a single clip multiple times with different soundtracks to prove that the soundtrack can change the viewer’s perception on what the film is about. He then went on to explain how specific sounds connect to certain people, places, things, or themes.

For the rest of his presentation he emphasized these points with various video clips, piano riffs, and jokes so bad I couldn’t help but laugh and at time make fun of him, but only a little.

Overall it was very informative and I’m glad I took the time to go. I feel like I learned something that I kind of already knew. But it was still very informative!

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